Palette Gear alternative (BigClown-based)


few days ago I ran into; it’s really great idea. Unfortunately it’s closed source, linux is not supported yet and there are only some predefined integrations for now (SDK is in the progress).

I was thinking that this would be great use of BigClown. There is already Button and LCD kit. Would there be some interest to create other “controls”? Maybe we could together create some community-driven PCB designs for other controls (knob, slider, etc.) and figure out a way how to connect multiple controls together (or it could just work wirelessly, on battery, at the beginning).

The use-case I have in mind currently is volume control for my computer(s), but there could be other use-cases as well.

this is perfectly doable with BigClown hardware. It needs just to create mapping to the software. I have not knowledge how different graphical and audio/video software could be controlled. If there is some common method. I know that JACK can synchronize multiple audio/video applications but that’s all I know.

I did some experiments with pyautogui which was used for presentations and move to the next slides. Its really simple script which acts as a bridge between MQTT and keyboard commands. It can also control volume, but this is keyboard emulation, not sure how you can control tools in different softwares.

we also have an Encoder Module :wink:


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Thanks, yes, there are two parts: SW and HW. I was more speaking about HW part. I noticed Encoder Module previously but it’s wide type of module. It would be great to have it also in the same form factor as Button Module.

Unfortunately I’m not experienced in PCB design, so I would need to invest some time to create PCB based on Button Module which will use the encoder component instead of the button and maybe some slider would be great too. I’m just not sure if I’m be able to “manufacture” the top board in the same quality (and with rounded corners so it will fit the 3D printed box) as when it’s done by you :slight_smile:

I’ll see, maybe I’ll find some time to do some experiments :slight_smile: Or I’ll simply buy the Encoder Module.

An idea:

Analog rotating and slider potentiometer “module” can be quickly hacked with Cover Module Mini.

Drill a hole to the Cover Module, put some 10-100k potentiometer with screwable ring. You just have to place the potentiometer little bit higher to avoid collision with SWD connector and use some lower-profile type.

or trimmers sometimes come with a knob

Thumbwheel pots:

SLider pots:
We need really small ones with 30mm height
This could fit if you remove SWD (we can do that on your request in the order)

The slider linear potentiometers are usually depper. They would need to be placed on the top or in between the PCB. Or place two of them between the connectors and middle of the PCB where button nad SWD connector is.

The encoder module can be hacked the same way, it just needs some passives for debouncing, please see the schematics. (4 resistors, two caps)

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Thank you! I like the idea with Mini Cover module, I forgot you have it :slight_smile: So yeah, I’m going to check the links for potentiometers you’ve linked to and I’ll give it a try.