Powering CHESTER with 5V from USB

Hi, can I create a power cable that connects 5V from the USB port to the BATTERY connector on the CHESTER Mainboard? I’d like to power CHESTER from my computer or wall-plug adapter.


Hi, you can connect up to 5.25V to this connector, please see Hardware parameters page.
The input has reverse polarity protection. The connector has (+) symbol for plus wire.

However you cannot use it together with SAFT Li-SOCl2 batteries inserted!

In the schematic below in the red square, you can see the diode and solder S5 bridge. In some hardware configurations we use this solder bridge to lower voltage drop on diode D21. In that case, you cannot have 5V and battery together because it will damage battery (BT3) and there is a risk of overheating and fire.

So even if the solder bridge is not soldered, we suggest always removing the battery just to be safe.

Location of the solder bridge S5 is showed below. It is labeled “NO DIODE” on new boards and wrongly “NO FUSE” on older boards.

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