Radio pairing questions

I am going to replace USB dongle gateway by Core Module with antenna so I did some test and I am bit surprised by result:-)

  1. where is pairing info stored? It is somehow “burned” into radio module? I trid to reflash gateway paired with several nodes and was surprised that after reflashing they were still communicating without problems.

  2. it looks like node can be paired to several gateways at once, is there any limit on node or gateway side?

  3. Is it possible to somehow query node to see t which gateways it is paired or this needs to be done from gateway side?

  • Pairing is stored in Radio Dongle. This was designed so you can reconnect it to different computer/Raspberry/Playground and nodes are still paired.

  • Years ago there was support that node could be paired to more gateways, but it was decided to remove thatsince nobody used that and it made more issues and confusion. Latest nodes should pair only to one gateway. Not sure if the edit was on Node or Gateway. It’s weird that you are able to do multiple pairing. @Karel can you help there?

  • Only gateway have stored which nodes are paired with as far as I know.

gateway 1 - USB dongle, running for long time:
“firmware”: “bcf-gateway-usb-dongle”, “version”: “v1.13.0”

gateway2 - Core module, just flashed. its flashed with that firmware " usb-dongle-with-rssi.bin" you posted here some time ago.

Nodes are 2 Core modules with skeleton firmware. Both are reportong to both gateways

It is working like charm:-) I am using it for testing of signal strenght.