Radio pull request


For my project I needed to switch relay on power module over radio. So I updated sdk code to do this and now I would like to share this change with others.

However I have some troubles with creating the pull request. Can someone please have a look and give some advice how to fix it?

PR is here


Hello Vlada,

first of all many thanks for your contribution. I think you have made the pull request right and I can see the desired changes. I would like to merge it but it is a bit unfortunate situation at the moment since my colleagues are now merging new radio stack (allowing multiple connections) and this would not have long-term effect in the repository.

I have the following suggestion - if it works for you , it is great, but let’s keep the official version as it is and we will try to implement desired functionality with the new stack. Is that fine with you?

Thank you. P.

Hi Pavel.

Thanks for the reply. If you will implement the power-relay feature for me then I’m happy with that. And the ability to connect multiple modules is great feature by the way.

Maybe my only suggestion is to improve communication about what is being implemented and what will be refactored. This would the community allow for better involvement. If you can publish this to some blog/ticket system it would be great.