Relay Module on the generic node


I am not able to get the Relay Module work. My setup is USB Dongle (firmware v1.6.0-rc0), generic node v1.5.6 and bcg 1.9.1.

I have more other nodes working without any issue, battery nodes with various sensors, power module node, where I can control both integrated Relay and connected Led strip.

But not the Relay Modul, I can control the Led on core, but no response from the relay module using mqtt as
mosquitto_pub -t “node/836d19821824/relay/0:0/state/get” -n
mosquitto_pub -t “node/836d19821824/relay/0:1/state/get” -n

I was also trying to update the firmware, but with generic node v1.6.0 I wasn’t able to switch core to the pairing mode, there is not even any response from LED when holding “B” button. Also tried to update USB Dongle to v1.6.1 but again no success, I didn’t manage even to pair it with any other node.


sorry for complications, we’ve updated some of the radio libraries.
Update your dongle to 1.6.1 and generic to 1.6.0 are compatibility.

During the deployment I came across a few problems with the radio and soon comes out version 1.7 for both dongle and generick.

The Core goes into the pairing mode after the battery is inserted or restarted.