Renaming node with "bch" tool fails


I’m trying rename node with bch tool, but seems that it doesn’t work somehow:


$ bch -H node list
id            alias
836d19820b3a  motion-detector-gym:0
836d19821538  push-button-backdoor:0
fbda93878efb  kit-climate-monitor:0


$ bch -H node rename fbda93878efb climate-monitor-workroom:0
Error, empty response

Any suggestions on this?

this can be an issue of diferent versions tools bcg and bch.

Can you please update both bcg and bch?

sudo pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bcg
sudo pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bch

Make sure that you reboot or restart bcg-ud service.

Where do you run the hub and tools? On the reaspberry Pi? Do you use our bc-raspbian image?

If the issue persist, could you please open another console and run bch sub command. THen in your first console windows call the bch rename so we can see what messages are going through MQTT?

If you need quick workaround, you can connect Radio Dongle to your PC, and change the alias over BigClown Playground. The paired nodes and aliases are saved in the Dongle.


By careful with using option --no-cache-dir for pip3. Not work with older pip3 version.

Thanks Martin for quick response!

And found the problem. I’m running hub stuff on TurrisOmnia router and it had outdated bcg running. Simply upgraded and restarted that and everything started to working! :slight_smile: