Same module types connected to multiple gateways

Hello everybody,

Due to problems with range I ended up using two BC USB dongle gateways, which are both connected to one Mosquitto instance. Everything worked just fine until I started using one climate module kit connected to one gateway and second climate module kit connected to the second gateway. The data are being mixed as there is no clear ID of the kit. How can I identify, which data are coming from which module?

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I use the same two dongles topolgy and it is easy to fix.

First you have to rename the name attribute of one gateway. Right now also the two gateways share the same name/topic. Just edit name in the config file of one or both gateways to make it more clear:

You have to restart bcg service (pm2 restart bcg-ud) or reboot Rpi to update the name.

Our bc-raspbian and Devices tab in web gui expects just a single gateway called usb-dongle so to rename node on a different gateway you have to use MQTT commands. Luckily we have nice tool bch which could be installed simply by pip if its not installed by default on Rpi
It also has sub and pub command so you can troubleshoot what is giong on in MQTT broker/messages.

You install and run this tool on your machine where is MQTT broker installed, but you can run it anywhere and just set the MQTT broker in parameter --mqtt-host.

bch has rename command and expects that default name of gateway is usb-dongle. If you would like to rename device on different gateway you apply parameter --gateway.

Some tips:

You can list all your gateways so you know the names:

martin@nasbuntu:~$ bch gw list
usb-dongle {'version': 'v1.13.0', 'firmware': 'bcf-gateway-usb-dongle', 'id': '836d1983a46e'}
black-pi {'version': 'v1.12.0', 'firmware': 'bcf-gateway-usb-dongle', 'id': 'fffe5542d621'}

This is how I can list nodes on both of my gateways. I run the bch command on my server where the MQTT is running locally, so the bch is using localhost as a broker address.

martin@nasbuntu:~$ bch node list
id            alias
836d1983890a  soil:0
836d1983075a  bedroom
836d1983532f  livingroom
b81dcc7a0440  motion-detector:0
294b9f639a4f  motion-detector:1

martin@nasbuntu:~$ bch --gateway black-pi node list
id            alias
836d19834e6d  mailbox
836d19820d35  led-matrix:0
25d8f51aeeb3  shock-sensor:0
836d19830c54  soil-sensor:1

Let me know if it worked for you.


Thanks a lot. It works great, I was hoping for something like this. :+1:

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