Send multiple radio messages in a row

Is it possible to send more than 16 radio message in a row? Im trying to implement it in a way, that i can make my sensor device be in the “field”. And come once a while and send hundreds of messages by pressing button, leave it there and repeat.

Hello, not sure where the 16 messages limit is, but could it be solved if you increase that limit in the SDK somewhere?

Another option is to send messages one by one, let’s say in 1-second interval in the application_loop. Then you don’t fill up the transmit queue.

TOWER is a low-power kit, and the 868 MHz spectrum has some limits on how long and how often you could transmit. So be aware of that.

If you need to send more data, you might use lower layer which is using twr_spirit1_tx and it is not confirmed. Then you can stream/send more data without the SEND-Acknowledge overhead for every packet.