Sending data from core module to PC via radio

Hello, I am trying to send temperature and humidity data from core module to my computer via radio, log them and process them, but I am confused about how should I do this.
I am currently able to connect my core module via USB to PC (Win10) and read the data from a serial port. I would like to also read the data from the module, but using a USB dongle so no cable is required. Also i need to be able to send the data with a given frequency, lets say each second, for sensor calibration purposes (this I can do with the USB connection)
Is there a way to do this? Or is there a another, better approach to this problem?
Thank you

when I played with Climate monitor for the first time, I used this: tutorial. Using this tutorial you will be able to get data from the sensor using the HUB to any other application…


please take a look at this quick start guide when this exact configuration Radio Dongle + Wireless Core Module is explained.

The data from the Core Module are send every 15 minutes if there is no change, but if the value changes quickly more than 0.2 degrees of celsius, then the measured value is send immediatelly. Try to warm the sensor by breath or by hand to test it.


Ok, thanks, i didnt want to use any gui app, but i have looked more deeply into the mqtt and mosquitto, now I am finally able to get the data to python script directly.