Sensor combination compatibility


I am thinking about two kits and sensors variants:

I would like to add:
1/ tag module with humidity tag to motion detector kit
2/ tag module with lux meter tag and humidity tag to LCD thermostat kit

I want to keep the function of the kits + be able to get data from additional tags.
Will this work in “plug in” way or will I have to do some “programming” ?

from the hardware standpoint you can combine the sensors you mentions with no issues. This is advantage of BigClown, we use I2C bus sensors and I2C expanders so there is no pin collisions.

  1. You can use generic node firmware which supports all the Tags / Modules. It detects them automatically after start and also supports PIR.

  2. This will need to make special firmware, hower this is very simple. Just add lux meter initialization and in teh callback add sending the measured value over radio. Let us know if you need help with the firmware.



thank you for your advice. I will try it a let you know if any help needed.