Set without Raspberry PI

It was announced that Big Clown project will be cooperating with Turris. As of now all sets are having Raspberry PI included. Will there be set without Raspberry PI for those who plan to connect directly to Turris (or other linux based host)?

Hi and thanks for your question!

It is possible to buy individual components from the set without a Raspberry Pi. Our cooperation with Turris is ongoing and currently two of our team members are looking into it.

In the past we have been shipping our software components via Docker but we might go away from this solution since we do not have support for it in Turris and we feel we may do a better job via native system packages.

So we are working on DEB packages and it will be possible to install them in Turris via LXC Debian container. Hopefully we will have Turris OpenWRT packages available as well one day :slight_smile:

What is your opinion on that? Thanks!


do you have a time schedule when will BigClown work with Turris Omnia?

today I found out that my old Raspberry Pi doesn’t work, so I’m thinking that rather buy mSATA drive into Turris Omnia for LXC container than the new Raspberry Pi

thanks for the reply