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Hi everyone,

I am new (to the forum, building stuff, etc.) so please bare with me :slight_smile:

Currently I am interested in my environment - eg. humidity, etc.

My idea was to get the mentioned parts from this project (I did not find a “easy” way to also include the CO2 module - if there is somethin to get everything into a “box” please show me). Now I would like to get a case for the deluxe (LCD module, etc.) option - would this be the correct one?

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Hello Kratos,

yes, the enclosure you choosed will fit. Because you would like to use CO2 Module which has 3 positions for Tags, you don’t need the Tag Module.

Also we have two options of VOC. In the project there is VOC Tag which measures VOC and CO2 equivalent (which is not accurate at all compared to CO2 module). But now we have newer VOC-LP tag which is Low Power - you can run it from the batteries. It does not have CO2 equivalent, but since you have separate CO2 I think that low power is better feature.

In the list below I created a shopping cart for you. The modules are in the order from the bottom starting with the battery module. I choosed the VOC-LP variant.

Also do not forget to order also the Radio Dongle - HARDWARIO Shop or compelte Raspberry Pi 4B/4GB Set - HARDWARIO Shop so you can not only see values on display, but also monitor them wirelessly.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you for the quick and detailed answer. The only question I have left ist that I discovered that there is a fourth tag (pressure) that would be interesting to include as well (basically have a everything you offer regarding environment condition in a box). But for a 4th tag the CO2 module is not suitable. Could I just add the tag module anyway or will the box be too small for that?


The box will be too small if you add Tag Module.

You can remove the Temperature Tag and use the one which is on the Core Module. It would need small edit in the firmware code. However the temperature can be a little of because the airflow, possible heating from MCU (but only if you run your own code which does not sleep the MCU) or when you power the modules from USB (not an issue if you power it from batteries). So the drift could be few tens degrees of celsius.

Other solution could be to use Compact Split Module on the top and put there the Climate Module and LCD Module. You get Luxmeter as extra.
We have also Split Module, but the Compact Split Module would be better because of lower height.

This would need also different enclosure.


Here is the photo of the stack, I do not have Climate so I’ve used PIR Module. I also have tags in the CO2 module but they would not be needed there because of the Climate Module. Click on the image below, there are two photos.


Thank you for the great support.

So I can stack bottom to top:

Battery module --> CO2 (VOC tag, 2 free tag slots left) --> Core module --> Compact split (with LCD + Climate module)

Only thing which I can not imagine is the enclosure? Does it have moving parts so I can see the LCD? From the picture it looks closed. Or do I just leave it open and the climate / LCD is exposed?

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On the picture of the enclosure is also the Cover Module which is sold separately and acts just as a cover. But instead of Cover Module you have compact Split Module. The Climate and LCD will protrude few millimeters.

Thank you again. I went for the last version you mentioned and ordered yesterday evening. Now I just have to be patient :slight_smile:

Code 	Item 	Qt. 	Unit price 	Price 
  • BCE201/GRE 3D-Printed Enclosure 201
  • BCM004 Battery Module
  • BCM017 Climate Module
  • BCM008 CO2 Module
  • BCM031 Compact Split Module
  • BCM001 Core Module
  • BCM007 LCD Module - BG
  • BCW002 Radio Dongle
  • BCT009 VOC-LP Tag

Kind regards

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