Sigfox module - end product certificate number


where can I find the end product certificate number for the Sigfox module?

EDIT: I have tried to register the device as prototype but I get:

CRA rejected the modem ownership transfer: Invalid PAC code: ED700B1981C3FC7F (please contact your device supplier to obtain this code)

What do I do wrong? :slight_smile:

PS: I would like to test directly and not

Hi, the BigClown Sigfox Module product certificate is P_007D_2D92_01.

Regarding the PAC code - it is something that is always re-generated in the Sigfox backend and the one you can read out from the device is only for the initial provisioning. And because we do the device testing on our side, we need to register it at Sigfox backend and thus the device will receive new PAC.

Anyway, today we have a human-assisted registration process for special cases like yours when you need to get the device to your backend. I will change this process on our side and we will add the PAC information and product certificate information implicitly.

Thanks. P.