[SOLVED] PIN state in Core Module

Is currently possible for Core Module to send the status of some its PIN (0/1)? I want to monitor the door with reed switch.

Hello Martin,
this function is not implemented yet, but we have decided to add it to the code in a few days.

Right now the remote module sends MQTT message when the button is pressed, so it is possible to wire the reed switch paralel to the button. But it also sends pairing message when the button is pressed longer. So it can have some side effects. We will create software library which will monitor some unused pins and the module sends MQTT message when the state changes - so you get message when the switch makes the contact and another message when switch breaks a contact.

Let me know if this will work for you.
Best regards,

Thank you, Martin, such library would be fine. It would be nice if I could configure the remote module via MQTT to read/write digital/analog values of the PIN (something like Arduino function pinMode).

Hello Martin,
yes, we would like to make the firmware configurable over MQTT in the future.

SOLVED - I connected reed switch with pin P8 and ground after this commit in documentation repository:

Thank you, I can easy monitor the door state now :slight_smile:

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