SPSGRF documentation

Hey Clown guys,

I was looking for a documentation for radio SPSGRF and it brings me to Big Clown. Seems like a cool project - good job!

My project is now unfortunately not related to your hardware, but I would like to kindly ask you for any documentation which describes how to set the SPSGRF via SPI - registers description, how to set the GPIOs, etc. I spend this evening by finding it, but without any success.

Thanks a lot
Best regards

I guess you can find it in the TOOLS & SOFTWARE section

There’s also plugin to be used in the CubeMX tool where the Radio SDK will be too.

Maybe there is some header files and APIs

Hi Martin,

thank you for quick answer, even during the Sunday :).

I went through whole Tools & Software and I did not find any good description. I would like to use it with my atmel microcontroller and I think there should be some pdf with description of all possible settings for radio, how to sent message, how to connect it to another piece, etc… I have already sent a question to ST, but I am not sure if I can expect answer.

Have a nice sunday