Toolchain problem?


after a long time I have finally some time to play with BC. I have RPi 3B+ with dietpi, USB dongle in it and remote battery operated Climate module. I have made everything in the tutorial for custom setup. Node-RED is working, but when I hit “List of paired button”, “All gateway info” or “Pairing mode start” the gateway in debug window returns only empty string. I have tested the USB dongle in Windows machine and it successfully pairs with the Climate module.

Any help will be appreciated.


how is the bcg started, by pm2? Try to stop that service in pm2 and run it manually in console with --debug argument. It could look like this:

bcg -d /dev/ttyUSB0 --debug
or use -c parameter if you use config file.

Please copy and paste mqtt and console output or screenshot of both.

Thank you for your suggestion, but it is working now. It was a loose and dirty (this RPi is a little bit abused one :sweat_smile:)USB connector with bad contact. Everything is now working great.

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