Transition from Alpha Set to Core modules with tags

I will continue the discussion which I’ve started in different topic here.

So, I have Alpha Set. Now I want to extend the original functionality and to have one (or more) Core modules with Battery module and some tags in different rooms of my house and one Core module (also with some tags) connected to a RPi node which will collect and relay the data from all Core modules I have. How should I do it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Excellent question, thanks :slight_smile:

The great starting point is this Workroom project:

Components for this project can be purchased as pre-installed set:

If you have individual components you will find out more information about the Core Module here:

Once properly programmed (Base unit + Remote unit), you will receive Clown.Talk (JSON) messages (like temperature and humidity) on virtual serial port from the Base Unit connected to Raspberry Pi.

We do not have full support of all Alpha items in the firmware yet but we will introduce it probably between Christmas and New Year eve :slight_smile:

Regarding multiple Core Modules - it is obviously soon planned feature with high priority. I cannot say now when it will happen because we already wanted to introduce some basic security features with 1-to-many communication model.

I think the best thing I can do over the Christmas time is to publish some firmware skeleton on GitHub and you will be able to observe development and possibly participate at least by testing it - does it sound right ? :slight_smile:

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That will be great! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it.

It definitely sounds right. I’ll see if I’ll be able to contribute also some code but I can at least test it.

Just to let you know: I was able to follow your Core module tutorial and successfully program both Base & Remote unit. So I at least am able to get temperature & humidity every 30s…

It’s good starting point for my own application now…

Thanks for quick answers and updating of documentation even when it’s Christmas season, I really appreciate it…

Thanks, @eggze!

Over Christmas I have been working on firmware development. Below is a small teaser - an example how you will be able to observe temperature from TMP112.

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Any news on this? :slight_smile: I would like to make some progress on my monitoring solution this weekend…

Okay okay guys :slight_smile:

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