Ultrasonic sensor

hi hardwario,

I wanted to start to connect & use the ultrasonic sensor,
equipped with https://www.maxbotix.com/ultrasonic_sensors/mb7066.htm
but I couldn’t find the available documentation.

From the product image I derive:

  • connection to the sensor module:
    A: Yellow
    GND: Red
    VDD: Black
  • firmware: hardware/twr-radio-maxbotix-ultrasound-distance: v1.0.0

Is it right❓


you’re right, it is not explained clearly.

The firmware is right, it reports measurement every 15 minutes

I’ve improved README in the Maxbotix Radio project, added wire colours

I’m copying it here

Maxbotix connection

Sensor Module pin       Maxbotix pin        Wire color
A (pulse in)            2 (pulse out)       Yellow
GND                     GND                 Black
VCC                     V+                  Red

The wire is added by us. On the sensor in the enclosure there is V+, GND pins and for the data signal the pin 2 is used.

In the product photo in our shop, there is a picture with a Sensor Module connector which is connected correctly.


Sensor datasheet

So in your previous post you have swapped VDD/GND, make sure the VDD is RED and GND is BLACK.