USB dongle - in UWP app

Hello to Liberec
I want to create Windows UWP application which directly communicate with BC devices. I have done code working with core module - communication over USB. But when i try to use dongle (with bcf-gateway-usb-dongle:v1.8.0), the application cannot open the corresponding COM port. when lot of googling i found that UWP applications (resp. SerialDevice class) cannot open USB serial port and works only with USB Serial Device.
So my question is: Can i change the type of the communication e.g. by modification of parameters in usb_talk library?
thanks for answer.

If you can’t open COM port, probably is using another program like bcg in playground or toolchain. Try stop bcg, command pm2 stop bcg.
In usb_talk you can modify format but no type communication.
Communication is described here

Hi Karel,
thanks for reply
COM port is free, i have already stopped bcg, unfortunatelly its about allowed system objects in UWP app - i cannot use SerialPort object. In winforms app (rep windows service) it works ok, I thought it would be HW issue, but i had to try it :slight_smile:

USB Dongle for usb to serial using ftd231 chip.