USB Dongle, Windows 10 and PuTTY

Hi there,
I have recently received a USB Dongle hw with fw ver. 1.8.0.
I am trying to communicate with it with PuTTy.
I can receive a “Hello world” message after connecting the USB Dongle to the USB port:
["/info", {“id”: “836d19839b56”, “firmware”: “bcf-gateway-usb-dongle”, “version”: “v1.8.0”}]

But there is no answer when I send the “/info/get” string to the USB port (without the quotation marks).
I can see that in the source code of bcf gateway there is a usb_talk_subscribe_t array from where I got the query string.
How can I initiate an answer (from PuTTy) - how shall I communicate with the USB dongle?

Info: In Win 10 there is the FTDI USB driver ver. 2.12.28 (ftser2k.sys) which transforms a USB bus into a COMx port.

check this doc

Hi Karel,
that helped.

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