Using binary inputs for water or electricity metering


I would like to use binary inputs at the Sensor module ( for monitoring devices such as water meters, electricity meters, or :cloud_with_rain: rain gauge at a weather station.

Could you please give a hint or publish any successful project using a sensor module for water or electricity metering (analog binary input)?


you can use pulse counter firmware. On channel A it is counting pulses and sending value every few minutes. Channel B acts differently - as a normal button AFAIK.

This firmware is already in the Playground.

I used and tested this firmware few days ago to test my new utility meter and works fine. You can extend the code so all three channels A, B and C (check the solder jumper in dev docs) could count pulses from any contact/S0 utility meter.

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we have some tips in this Twitter thread so you can follow some ideas.

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