Using the CO2 module


I cannot find any documentation about using the CO2 module. It does not seem to work with a remote core module and if I connect it to the base core module, I do not see any activity either. From a brief look at the firmware source code, I do not see any definitions related to the CO2 module there, as I do for other stuff.

Is there some undocumented way to talk with it? Or am I completely missing something?


I have found some CO2 related code in the bridge module code. I believe Pavel mentioned something about the code needing to be ported to the core module, so I guess that I will have to wait for this to happen. I am anxious to get started :slight_smile:

Hello Bedo,
thanks for feedback - CO2 Module is one of the last “unsupported” item in the BigClown Firmware Library. I will port it from bc-bridge on Tuesday and will let you know right away to help us with testing :slight_smile:

Stay tunned. Have a nice Sunday! P.

Hi Pavel, thanks for the encouraging info. I am looking forward to testing it for you :slight_smile:

Hi Pavel, any news on this?

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I’m joining to the question. It would be great to have support in the sdk for co2 module.

CO2 is now supported in the SDK, but we need to verify consumption.

Hi @beda ,
here is the API:

Let us know if any further assistance is needed!

Cool! I might find time to play with it during the weekend, so I will let you know, how it works for me.


Firmware v2.0.0 for wireles set support CO2 on base and remote node .

I am also waiting for this…