Why to use UPDATE_SERVICE_INTERVAL in climate example

It looks that your example bcf-radio-climate-monitor works with “UPDATE_SERVICE_INTERVAL”, because event for reading temperature is called every 5 seconds. Why it is not using “UPDATE_NORMAL_INTERVAL”? I am not sure what is reason to use these two intervals and where to use first or second one.

Probably I doesn’t understand something in the code… I thought that it works in service interval until it is switched to normal mode (after pairing). But it looks for me, that it still works with service_interval


Application (just added logging to your example):
application.c (6.5 KB)

Thank you!

Service interval means, that first 60 minutes the data from sensor are send more often. It is useful for troubleshooting, testing and presentation.

After 60 minutes the sampling of data are set to lower period to save battery and work reliably for years.

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Oh… OK It make sense! I will try it. Thank you very much.