WiFi module for BigClown

Hi All,
I would like to make WiFi module for BigClown platform. I have an idea how to do it and I know that you tried it.
I know that WiFi connectivity is not so “low power”, but it could be interesting for some application (e.g. for my weather station)
The WiFi module should be very easy and the makers should be able to solder it - so I want to use some small module where all needed components are built-in and the module will contain only capacitors, mosfet for switching of power supply for WiFi module and so on.
I think about WiFi module which will be the best for this maker project.
ESP02 - only u.FL connector
ESP03 - u.FL and internall antenana
ESP04 - only pad for antenna

I found only this module, but it can be hard to solder it for beginners
(CZ) https://chiptron.cz/news.php?readmore=650
(EN) https://time4ee.com/news.php?readmore=365

Did you try any other module or did you design any similar module ?

Thanks for your great support and ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi I tested connect esp8266 over serial with core module with code for usb dongle. For esp I wrote simple program with similar functionality as bcg.
It was only test, its is possible created small gateway.
It worked well, but there would still be enough work to make it reliable.