Yet another custom UI

Hello all.

I’d like to share with you a little software project that I made on top of BigClown, which I named home_center. Within my own education (I work as a Java backedn developper) I decided to create a simple web application in Scala and react.js. And because I like BigClown I decided to join those two things :-).

Basically the home_center reads mqtt messages on one side and presents them to the user on the other side. Currently I use H2 sql database for storing the messages. I use this db because it runs in the same JVM as the rest of the program and so it does not require any other dependencies. During the storing of the message I also add a timestamp to it so that I can show the waveform of the measured value. Web interface is used for presenting the data to the user in the form of simple tables a graphs. The user can select between two time granularities of the graphs - hours or minutes.

The project is currently implemented against BridgeModule and I plan to add support for remote modules as well. Besides the BigClown I use the project for my own home-made automation project, flower watering that is based on WeMos. Here I use the web ui not only for presentation, but also for input from the user.

I’d like to add support for the user directly interacting with the BC actuators in the future. I have in my mind controlling outdoor blinds in our house. The next thing I would like to implement is the ability to react to the sensors and sending commands to actuators - when there is dark outside, move the blinds down. And last but not least I plan to add authentication/authorization to the system so that no passerby can overflow my flower nor can put the blinds down.

If you are interested in the project I published the source code (as well as installation procedure) to the GitHub ( You can also find few screenshots of it there.

I will gladly appreciate any feedback.


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Hello Vladislav,

thank you very much for your contribution. I’ve heard about Scala and React, but never used it. Now I have the reason to learn:) You have written nice instructions how to get it running so I’ll try that soon.

What are further plans for Home Center? Keep up the good work.


Currently I finished basic authentication/authorization. So now I would like to make my instance of home_center public, both for demonstration purpose and also for myself. I asked my net provider for public IP, so let’s see…

Please let us know once some results are available, I am keen on seeing it :slight_smile:

Here we go:

On the page above you can see several BC sensors connected by BridgeModule. Data is sent to the Amazon WS cloud and displayed by Scala Play app - home_center

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Thank you for sharing. I like that animated and scaling graphs. Great work.