Measure voltage

if need measure voltage 0-2V, do I need sensor module or it is possible use only core module?


For analog voltages up to 3V you can connect them directly to any Core Module’s analog input.
You didn’t mention the the source. But just to be sure you can put for example 100R series resistor in case the voltage goes too high (I mean reasonably high, like 5 V). GPIO pins have protection clamping diodes and that resitor will help them in case there is more than 3V by some mistake.

Just to let you know, Sensor Module by default has also 3V limit. However you can change SMD resistors on them and create a voltage divider, but this needs some soldering.

See schematic

By populating correct values you can measure higher voltages by changing and adding resistors for channel A (orange circles) and B (green circles)

I plan connect this

0-5V version, but my tank is only 1.3m max

That’s what I feared, that the sensor might put more voltage on the output. This seems too hacky for my taste :slight_smile:

I see that sensor is also possible to have in 4-20mA option. We have a thread to this on this forum

However you can use 5V or 10V version and create a voltage divider to be safe that the input voltage does not exceed 3V.

I already have 5V version, so I use voltage divider for sure

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Is any prebuild firmware ready for measure voltage from sensor module?

It is, I created firmware few months ago :slight_smile:

It is in the Playground too.

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